Beware of Baby!

There are few things more frustrating as a new mom (or a not-so-new mom) than the unnecessary waking of a happily sleeping baby. It’s a chance for mom to eat a meal or kick back and catch up on some DVR trash TV (no judging) or even sort through old photographs to try to get them back in to some sort of order from the 2 foot high pile that lays in front of her. Yes, that’s what I was doing when I was inspired to finally do something about those unwanted knocks at the door that lead to the dog going in to a fit of angry barking. Our dog is great! I’ve gotten quite a bit less patient with him since having a baby, but I still adore him. What I don’t adore is that he barks at everything that alarms him. What alarms me is that our USPS mailman, the UPS delivery man, and the FedEx delivery man (yes, they are all men in my case) find it necessary to drop off our large packages and ring the doorbell and vanish. In the best interest of keeping my sanity, I decided to kindly ask them to skip the doorbell step, thus eliminating the barking dog that inevitably awakens the sleeping baby. Here’s the sign that I came up with: “Please leave all packages and deliveries, without knocking or ringing the bell. The sleeping baby won’t hear you, but the barking dog will. Thank you!”

maria healey photography gypsy soul beware of baby    maria healey photography gypsy soul beware of baby