Happy 4th of July!

I have been working with Pam and Dawn of D&P Celebrations for several years now as their photographer. Through them, I found my deep love of product photography and party photography. Even though we’ve recently moved from Denver to San Diego, they invited me to join their team of contributors. I was honored and happily accepted. My first task from them was to photograph a lovely 4th of July “Red, White & BBQ” set of printables. Since I was new to San Diego, I decided to reach out via Facebook and try to find some locals who were interested in collaborating with me. The fabulous Roni of Roni’s Sugar Creations got in touch with me immediately and offered to deliver some sweet treats to be used for the shoot. She hand delivered some beautiful and delicious creations – her signature chocolate and caramel covered apples decorated with red and blue stripes and sugar crystals. She also supplied me with some wonderful chocolate cake pops dipped in white chocolate and finished off with red stripes. The cake pop sticks were further embellished with a blue and white star pattern. I had a wild idea for the setup that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. It turns out that our new condo has pretty bright lighting outside the front door. I decided to set up some colorful strings of lights along the door to the backyard and hand the D&P Celebrations banner over the lights. I then pulled one of my old studio chairs from the garage and used it’s perfectly beat up wooden seat as my working space for the printables and treats. The bokeh effect caused by the lights in the background is just perfect for this set, as it gives a colorful fireworks look to the entire scene.MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQBanner MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQBurger MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQCakePop MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQCakePops MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQCakePopsRonisSugarCreations MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQCandyApple MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQCandyAppleFlag MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQInvitation MariaHealeyPhotographyJuly4thBBQMasonJar


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