Baby Tattoos

Yeah, so this totally happened the other day. I’m lucky to have one of the most patient and loving babies there have ever been! As JT and I were on a walk with the dog today, I noticed it was pretty overcast (which is PERFECT professional photographer weather) so I decided to finally make the time to photograph the baby in his bathtub, and also with a sleeve of temporary tattoos covering his arms. Yes, you read that right – baby bathtub and baby tattoos. As I’ve touched upon before, I’m kind of an anal planner, so I had it all figured out in my head. I laid him down for his 2pm nap and quickly looked around our new condo for my background stands, blue seamless paper, the baby bathtub and rubber duckies, and the temporary tattoos I’ve been holding on to for just this occasion. I decided to photograph him in the tub first, since he just needed to be naked baby for that, and then cover him in temporary tattoos and photograph him without his shirt on (to show off the heart tattoo), then finish up with his blue striped sleeveless onesie. He’s a freaking pro – no really, he gets paid to be a model, now that we live so close to Los Angeles – he gave me some awesome looks and he was moving fast, so I also had to move pretty fast.

MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyBathtubRubberDucky MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyBathtubRubberDucky2 MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyBathtubRubberDucky3 MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyTattoos MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyTattoos2 MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyTattoos3 MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyTattoos4 MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyTattoos5 MariaHealeyPhotographyBabyTattoos6


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