OCD, or Organized Closet Disorder

So I have this dirty little secret. I used to be super organized, even kept up with a balanced checkbook, before I met my husband. It’s kind of a turn on to see all the great organized living spaces via Pinterest. It’s really inspiring, for some strange reason. So inspiring that I actually took some action to clean up our super dysfunctional bathroom closet.

I knew the plan of action I was going to take – lots of plastic bins with clearly stated labels of what the contents included. I started by actually picking up the plastic bins. I had intended to check out Dollar Tree and pick them up there, if they had them, but ended up finding them at Target for cheaper – just 97¢a piece! Score!

Here’s the part that sucked – I bought these at a Target that wasn’t near my house and then forgot them at the store because I insisted that they didn’t need to be bagged. Between remembering the baby and all the other items in the shopping bags, I somehow didn’t realize I didn’t have the bins until I actually got home. (For all you mamas-to-be, yes, baby brain is a very real & serious condition that is still incurable) So, I had to make the trip back there the very next day. Ugh! At least the excuse for a trip to the store gave me about an hour of quiet time as the little guy slept in his car seat. Victory!

Next, I took everything out of the closet and started actually organizing it into appropriate groupings – Baby Stuff, Travel Size, Extras, Guest Items, First Aid, Medication…you get the idea. After it was all boxed up in the new plastic bins, I started placing everything back in the closet. This was where the OCD kicked in to high gear. I wanted everything put back in the most logical sense. Yes, can you believe it? Neither can I! I know I should probably be medicated but I’m breastfeeding, so… It took me a few times of moving around boxes to get them just where I wanted them. After I finished, I couldn’t help but walk back and admire my handiwork for the next couple hours.

So here’s the before and after for your viewing pleasure:






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